Lilenfeld PC’s Client prevailed in a complex copyright infringement lawsuit.

Our Client was able to win be prevailing on “summary judgment,” meaning the copyright infringement case did not need to go to trial. After reviewing the evidence and the legal issues, Judge Story of the Northern District of Georgia, decided our Client should prevail as a matter of law.

David M. Lilenfeld and Kaitlyn A. Haase conducted oral arguments on our Client’s motion for summary judgment in November 2017.

The opposing party had accused our Client of infringing the copyright in blueprints/house plans. However, the opposing party had not properly registered its plans with the United States Copyright Office.

Lilenfeld PC convinced the Court that the opposing party could not prevail in its copyright infringement claim as a result of the blueprints/house plans not being properly registered.

Lilenfeld PC was also able to convince the Court that our Client’s blueprint/house plan was not “substantially similar” to the blueprint/house plan the opposing party claimed was infringed. The Court agreed with us that there were so many differences between the respective plans that they could not be “substantially similar” under United States Copyright law.

In addition to dismissing the lawsuit, the Court has ordered the opposing party to pay the costs our Client incurred to defend this lawsuit.