Technology Intellectual Property Attorney Atlanta

When you face an intellectual property challenge that relates to technology, it’s critical that your Atlanta law firm be tech-savvy. Otherwise, your attorneys might miss important points due to being unfamiliar with the subject matter.

The legal team at Lilenfeld PC is well-versed in technology, and we have a great deal of experience handling IP matters in this industry. We’re also backed by a network of expert technologists. Our firm can help with nearly any IP issue, but below you’ll find an overview of some common dispute types that we handle in this area:

“Copycat” website disputes

It usually takes a large investment of time and resources for a company to earn top Google rankings. Unfortunately, sometimes a less-established business will effectively steal these rankings by using a “copycat” company name.

In this scenario, the “copycat” company might use a close variant of the well-ranking company’s name, or maybe even an exact match. The end result is that Google places the wrong business site at the top of their rankings, and the well-established company loses their spot unfairly.

If your business is involved in this sort of dispute, Lilenfeld PC can help. We regularly deal with the major search engines (Google and Bing), as well as major e-tailers (Amazon, eBay, Alibaba). Often times, our legal team reaches out to these third parties and is able to halt the improper trademark or copyright usage. To learn more about our dispute resolution services, please visit our practice areas page.

Software disputes

A large bulk of our technology cases revolve around software disputes, which can come in many different forms. For example, suppose that a software development firm copies a competitor’s source code. In this scenario, the firm might need to seek redress through copyright law. However, if a dispute involves a computer process, such as an algorithm, the infringement suit could fall under patent law.

In fact, our clients’ software-related disputes sometimes don’t involve intellectual property law at all. We have many clients who hired a software developer that ended up doing shoddy work. To pursue a legal remedy, our client usually has to bring a traditional breach of contract suit.

If you are entangled in a software dispute, we can use our specialized skills to fight on your behalf. To learn more, contact the Lilenfeld PC team by calling (404) 201-2520.

Other technology IP disputes

 In addition to the two scenarios discussed above, our specialties also include:

  • Domain name disputes
  • Cybersquatting disputes
  • Copyright disputes involving piracy
  • 3D printing disputes
  • Disputes involving social media content

Contact our firm today if you have a question about a technology-related IP dispute that’s affecting you (or your company). We are happy to speak with you.