Who We Serve

At Lilenfeld PC, we provide practical IP solutions to companies and individuals in the Atlanta area (and beyond). Our business clients range in size from tiny start-ups to large corporations, and they come from a wide variety of industries. However, our firm does specialize in four particular business areas:

Sporting goods
We provide IP legal services to many different players in this industry, including manufacturers, retailers, large brands, team dealers, and wholesalers. Learn more.
Our firm has a great deal of experience working with technology companies – especially computer hardware manufacturers and software development firms. Learn more.
3D printing
The growth of the 3D printing industry is causing concern among consumer goods manufacturers. Are their intellectual property rights being infringed? Lilenfeld PC has a special expertise in this area. Learn more.
Professional services
Intellectual property issues are quite common for accounting firms, medical practices, and other professional services companies. If your business needs assistance, our team is happy to help. Learn more.

For additional information about Lilenfeld PC and what we do, please read our company overview.