Amazon has a service called “Amazon Brand Registry” that helps your company protect its registered trademarks for products you sell on Amazon. To enroll in Amazon’s program, your company will need to have its trademark registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


Once your trademark is enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry, you will have access to Amazon’s search and report tools to help you find listings that make unauthorized use of your registered trademark. Content can be searched across various Amazon stores. Image searches where you can find listings on Amazon that use your company’s logo or image of your product on a listing that is not yours and bulk ASIN searches to search in bulk for potentially infringing content are available to you.


In addition, a feature called “Transparency” offers item-level tracing for products. You may assign unique codes to each product you manufacture that Amazon will then scan for at its fulfillment centers to ensure no counterfeit products are being sold to consumers. If you find infringement, Amazon will investigate and will most likely take action within eight hours.


Eligibility / Enrollment Requirements


In addition to your trademark being federally registered, your company will need a Vendor or Seller account on Amazon.


Once the necessary information is submitted to Amazon, Amazon will contact your trademark lawyer to complete the enrollment process.


Additional Features


Not only does being registered in the Amazon Brand Registry help prevent infringement, but you will gain greater access to your product detail pages to ensure accurate information is listed.


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