Sample Intellectual Property Cases

Over the years, we’ve helped countless clients resolve their pressing intellectual property issues. Below you’ll find real-life examples of the challenges that our clients have faced. You’ll also learn how Lilenfeld PC was able to provide an efficient solution.

Terms of settlement prevent us from listing all the details.

Trademark infringement cases

The Issue: A large Atlanta landmark accused a local real estate client of infringing its trademarks.
The Result: We successfully settled the dispute, obtaining a settlement sum for our client in exchange for ceasing use of the trademarks.

The Issue: A Florida-based entertainment business was sued for using a name similar to a competing business. The competitor wanted our client to change its name and to pay significant damages.
The Result: After our firm presented weaknesses in the competitor’s case, they settled the dispute, and no penalty was paid.

Copyright infringement cases

The Issue: A manufacturer of pet memorial items infringed a Georgia client’s copyrighted poem.
The Result: After our firm established liability, the infringer paid the client a significant settlement sum out of court.

The Issue: A large publishing company accused a New York client of copyright infringement.
The Result: Using procedural grounds, Lilenfeld PC defended the client and the lawsuit was dismissed.

Patent infringement cases

The Issue: The owner of electronic equipment hardware patents planned to file an infringement claim against Lilenfeld PC’s client, a hardware importer.
The Result: By pointing out infirmities in the patent, our firm persuaded the owner not to file any claim.