Trademark Dispute Attorney Atlanta

When you become involved in a trademark dispute, it’s common to feel uneasy or even fearful. Most of our clients have little experience with legal disputes – especially intellectual property disputes – and don’t know what to expect.

With us as your legal counsel, you can feel confident that your trademark dispute is being handled skillfully and efficiently. Trademark disputes make up a large bulk of our practice, and we’ve developed a rare expertise in this area of law. We’ll explain the process (and our strategy) to you in plain English so that you feel comfortable. In addition, we’ll never overload you with confusing or unnecessary information.

Here are some common trademark dispute issues that our clients hire us for:

Trademark infringement lawsuits (and potential lawsuits)

Our firm won’t litigate your trademark infringement case unless there is a realistic chance of a favorable outcome. This always serves our client’s best interests. After all, futile litigation can result in an enormous waste of time and money.

If you believe someone has infringed your trademark – or you’ve been accused of trademark infringement yourself – we’ll give you an honest legal evaluation of your situation. This means we’ll tell you up-front when the law isn’t on your side. In this scenario, we might encourage you to drop the suit or settle early, depending which side of the dispute you’re on.

If you need to litigate the dispute, however, you’ll be in good hands. Typically, what’s being sought in trademark infringement cases is an injunction to halt use of the mark. The injunction stage happens early in the process, and these suits move quickly as a result. However, we are a small and agile law firm. This allows us to work at a rapid pace and adjust strategy as needed.

Beyond our flexibility, we simply know trademark lawsuits – inside and out. We have an enormous amount of experience litigating trademark infringement cases in both federal and state courts. We’ve also helped clients of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies.

Our senior partner, David Lilenfeld, specializes in intellectual property litigation and was selected for inclusion in Super Lawyers from 2014 through 2020. This recognition is reserved for only 5 percent of practicing attorneys. He’s also been featured as an intellectual property resource in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Atlanta Business Chronicle,, and other outlets.

Simply put, our reputation is stellar – especially in the area of trademark infringement litigation. Once we take your case, our team will use their know-how to move directly toward your litigation goal. Please contact our office at (404) 201-2520 for more information.

Opposition and cancellation proceedings

We also help clients with disputes that come up during the trademark registration process. Most commonly, this involves opposition or cancellation proceedings at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. Our vast experience pursuing trademark registration for clients gives us a special perspective in these disputes. Please visit our trademark protection page to learn more.

Avoiding trademark disputes

The best defense to a trademark dispute is to not let one develop in the first place. This means choosing your trademark wisely, protecting it via registration, and then keeping up with maintenance requirements.

If you need assistance with any of these preventative measures, please contact our team. We can help you extinguish a potential trademark infringement fire before it starts.


 “Copycat” website disputes: Sometimes a company will steal the top Google rankings of another company by copying the latter’s business name. If your search engine rankings have been stolen by a “copycat” company, Lilenfeld PC can help. Visit our technology page for more information.

Professional services disputes: Lilenfeld PC has substantial experience handling trademark disputes that involve medical practices, consulting firms, and other professional services companies. To learn more, please read through our professional services industry page.