Trade Secrets Attorney Atlanta

Sometimes a company will develop intellectual property that needs to be treated as confidential. Legally, these assets are known as “trade secrets,” and they can include manufacturing techniques, computer algorithms, food product recipes, and even customer lists.

When kept within company walls, trade secrets can often provide you with a real competitive edge. If they come into the hands of your competitors, however, that edge might be wiped out.

Lilenfeld PC can assist with nearly any trade secret challenge you might be facing. From our base in Atlanta, we help clients establish precautionary measures, and we also handle disputes where confidentiality is being threatened. Below is an overview of our most requested trade secret offerings.

Combating theft with a trade secret program

A well-planned trade secret program can help your company take control of its protection efforts. At your request, our legal team will assist you with the entire process, which generally starts with asset identification.

Identification of assets

If your company is concerned about protecting confidential information, the first step is to identify which of your assets are worth protecting. Lilenfeld PC can take stock of your intellectual property inventory and recommend candidates for trade secret protection. Our feedback is typically based around two factors: the true value of the trade secret and the likelihood of improper disclosure.

Assistance with trade secret policy

Next, we’ll help you develop an internal policy regarding trade secret matters. This can cover trade secret objectives, management of employee access to information, and everyday best practices.

It’s crucial that your policy be clear and comprehensive, so that all concerns are addressed without unnecessary confusion. Our team can also help you educate your staff on the precautionary measures that are now in place.

Employee movement

Finally, our trade secret attorneys will help you develop a plan for handling new hires and also exiting employees. This can involve the signing of confidentiality agreements, non-disclosure agreements, or other important contracts when employees join your company. For departing employees, you’ll likely want to remind them of continuing confidentiality obligations.

Lilenfeld PC places an emphasis on efficiency during the trade secret protection process. Once we understand your goals, we always try to drive towards them in a straight line. This helps to reduce wasted time and expense.

Trade secret disputes

It’s challenging to be involved in a trade secret dispute. The law surrounding these conflicts can be confusing, and the stakes are often high. Lilenfeld PC’s legal team has significant experience in this area, and we can handle the dispute process on your behalf. We also work with purpose, which means always striving to avoid unnecessary delays.

Our firm believes in honest communication, and we will only present you with legal options that are realistic. If the law is clearly not on your side, we likely won’t recommend litigation. In this scenario, we might suggest that you drop your suit or settle. Of course, if we feel your case is strong, we can move forward with vigor.

To learn more about our trade secret dispute attorney services, please contact our team at (404) 201-2520.