Patent Disputes Attorney Atlanta

Patent disputes in Atlanta can be extremely frustrating for those who are entangled in them. One reason for this is that patents, by their very nature, can be technically complex. In addition, the legal dispute process is something that many people have never dealt with before.

Lilenfeld PC’s Atlanta-based patent attorneys have real technical expertise and substantial experience with patent conflicts. If you need assistance with your dispute, we would be happy to help. Our offerings can be divided into two main categories: patent lawsuits and dispute avoidance.

Patent infringement lawsuits (and potential lawsuits)

When you believe someone has infringed on your patent – or you’ve been accused yourself – you want the matter resolved with expertise and efficiency. Our attorneys possess the technical knowledge necessary to handle a wide range of patent disputes. We also have deep experience litigating infringement in federal courts across the country.

Despite all this, our most valuable asset as a firm is our practicality. We will not litigate your patent dispute unless we believe there’s a realistic chance of a favorable outcome.

If we feel you’ve clearly infringed, we’ll probably advise that you seek a settlement. If you’ve made a claim of infringement that’s not factually supported, we’ll suggest that you settle or perhaps drop the suit altogether. In the end, this can save you from a great deal of wasted time and expense.

If we do believe you should litigate, our firm is well-equipped for the unique challenges of patent litigation. These cases are usually long and arduous. Fortunately, Lilenfeld PC’s legal team has the requisite know-how and endurance to handle the entire process. We’ll maintain focus on your goals, no matter how long the proceedings continue.

As your case progresses, we’ll explain the proceedings to you in plain English and won’t overwhelm you with minute details of law. We understand that our clients are busy running their own companies and can’t spend long stretches of time dealing with a legal dispute.

Please contact our team at (404) 201-2520 if you’d like to learn more.

Avoiding patent disputes

By taking the right precautions, you can often stop a patent dispute before it starts. This means placing strong protections around your invention so that others are discouraged from infringing. Some of the measures worth considering are patentability searches, patent procurement, and (if applicable) patent maintenance.

To learn more about these preventative tasks – and how Lilenfeld PC can assist you – please visit our patents page.


Sporting good disputes: Our team has significant experience handling disputes that involve sporting good patents and trademarks. To get more information about this area of expertise, please contact us.

Software disputes: Patents are often used to protect algorithms and other functional elements of computer software. When these assets become the focus of an infringement dispute, Lilenfeld PC can help. Please visit our technology page to learn more.