Patent Attorneys Atlanta

A patent is an inventor’s best friend. Why? Because patents provide inventors with essentially a 20-year monopoly on their innovation. This can lead to new sales revenue, licensing deals, and perhaps even an enhanced company valuation.

Lilenfeld PC is an Atlanta-based law firm that offers a full suite of patent services. If you have a valuable invention, we’d love to help you reap the benefits you deserve. Here are some of our most popular patent offerings:

Realistic identification of patent candidates

When it comes to patent protection, a great first step is to identify which of your technologies or products can (and should) be patented. Our team can survey each item in your inventory and make recommendations by asking these three questions:

  • Does your innovation meet the legal requirements for patentability?
  • Is the invention too early (or late) in development to be patented?
  • Is it really commercially viable?

If we see a real opportunity after considering the relevant factors, we’ll tell you about it. Of course, Lilenfeld PC places a huge emphasis on honesty and practical advice. That means we’ll also let you know if we do not think your invention is a good candidate for patenting.

Patentability searches

If you’re considering patenting your invention, the first step is to conduct a patentability search. These searches help to determine whether your innovation has already been patented by someone else. If this is the case, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will reject your patent request.

Lilenfeld PC can perform a preliminary patentability search for you. If we find an identical invention in the patent database, we can save you from wasting time and money on a futile patent application.

Patent application assistance

Should you decide to move forward and pursue a patent, our team can prepare and file your application with the USPTO.

Completing a patent application can be tedious, challenging, and sometimes confusing. You’ll likely need to provide a thorough written description of your invention, along with an oath or declaration. You will also need to submit a product drawing.

Our attorneys have technical expertise and a great deal of experience with the application process. This allows us to complete your application package with confidence and efficiency. We always strive to move in a straight line, directly toward your patent protection goal.

Maintaining your patent

Even if your application is successful, you’ll still need to pay maintenance fees going forward for certain types of patents. Otherwise, your protection might lapse. Lilenfeld PC can handle maintenance for your entire patent portfolio. This allows you to focus on your business – or other important matters – rather than routine intellectual property tasks.

Licensing and other asset transactions

Licensing arrangements can provide substantial new revenue for patent holders. If you’re looking to license your patent to other companies or individuals, our team can manage the process for you. We can even help with cross-licensing and other strategic partnerships.

If you’re interested in licensing assistance, or any of our other patent offerings, please get in touch at (404) 201-2520.