Entertainment Law Attorney Atlanta

With a booming entertainment industry and record number of productions every day, Georgia has become a hub for all things entertainment. Entertainment law predominantly covers Film and Television creators such as producers, writers, directors, actors, agencies and production companies; however, a variety of artists including, but not limited to, authors, photographers, social media stars, publishers, and celebrity chefs fall under this category as well. Some of the agreements Lilenfeld PC draft, review, and negotiate include:

  • On- and Off-Screen Talent Agreements,
  • Crew Deals,
  • Materials Releases,
  • Appearance Releases,
  • Clearances,
  • Location Agreements,
  • Licenses,
  • Non-disclosure Agreements,
  • Literary Rights Option Acquisition Agreements,
  • Overall Deals and First Looks,
  • Endorsement Deals,
  • Distribution Agreements and
  • Contract Disputes.

Short Film/ Low Budget Contract Package:

If you are shooting a short film or low budget film, our firm can assist in making sure you have all the contracts you need in place to ensure your rights are protected. We offer a package of all the contracts you will need to protect yourself and your film.

To learn more about our Entertainment Law services, including our short and low budget film contract package, please contact Kennington Groff at (404) 201-2520 or kg@lilenfeld.com.