Copyright Infringement Attorney Atlanta

Copyright infringement has become a pressing issue in the business world, especially as it relates to digital technology. After all, companies work hard to develop their intellectual property. When they think their asset has been effectively stolen, they become understandably frustrated.

If a copyright dispute is affecting you or your business, the legal team at Lilenfeld PC can help. Our firm has a reputation for excellence in the area of copyright infringement, and we’ve helped to resolve hundreds of these disputes over the years.

While we can handle nearly any copyright dispute challenge, we focus on two areas: copyright infringement lawsuits and infringement avoidance.

Copyright infringement lawsuits (and potential lawsuits)

When a copyright dispute arises, it can cause a great deal of anxiety for those who are involved. The reason is simple: most people are unfamiliar with both copyright law and litigation as a whole.

If you’ve been accused of infringement – or believe someone else has infringed your work – our legal team can simplify the dispute process and make it less intimidating. We have an immense amount of experience with copyright disputes, including copyright litigation. This means that our attorneys can handle your dispute with true expertise – and maybe even put your mind at ease.

The first thing we’ll do is find out the relevant facts surrounding your conflict. We’ll also ask you specific questions about your goals. After all, our first priority is getting you an outcome you’ll truly be happy with.

Next, we’ll explain your legal options in a clear, straightforward manner and advise you on each option’s likelihood of success. Copyright infringement cases generally turn on whether the work in question is “substantially similar” to the original work. If we feel the law goes against you, we won’t hide this from you.

Once we agree on a course of action, our legal team will move swiftly and efficiently. We always strive to move in a straight line toward our client’s goal and avoid unnecessary delay. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t improvise. As a small firm, we’re able to make decisions quickly and alter our strategy as needed.

We also have an in-depth understanding of the potential defenses that can be used in an infringement case. This includes fair use, abandonment, copyright misuse, and estoppel. If any of these defenses can – or should – have an effect on your dispute, you’ll be in good hands.

In the end, there are many reasons for Lilenfeld PC’s strong reputation for copyright litigation. The biggest reason, however, is that we are always focused on our client’s goal. Please contact our team at (404) 201-2520 if you’d like to learn more.

Avoiding copyright infringement

If you’re worried about infringing on someone else’s copyright, we can help. We’ll provide a well-reasoned opinion of your situation based on deep experience and hard-earned insight. Since we also assist with copyright registration matters, we have a real advantage when it comes to analyzing these disputes. After all, to recognize infringement, you need to truly understand the copyright protection process.


Pirated software: A Fortune 200 software company regularly engages Lilenfeld PC to pursue infringers who sell and use pirated software. To learn more about this area of expertise, please visit our technology page.

Digital infringement defense: Our firm is frequently retained to represent individuals accused – often wrongly – of copyright infringement relating to the use of stock photos, downloaded media, or written content. Contact Lilenfeld PC at (404) 201-2520 for additional information.