Practice Areas

No matter what kind of intellectual property challenge in Atlanta you’re facing, chances are that Lilenfeld PC can help. As a full-service IP firm, we assist clients with both asset protection and dispute resolution. We also have expertise in a variety of asset types, including trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets. Here is a full listing of our legal services:

Trademark protection

Lilenfeld PC can assist with the selection, registration, and maintenance of your trademarks. Our firm also conducts trademark audits. Learn more.

Trademark disputes

Our team has deep experience resolving trademark infringement disputes. We also represent clients in opposition and cancellation proceedings. Learn more.

Copyright protection

From traditional works to digital media, we can help you protect all your copyrightable assets. Learn more.

Copyright disputes

We also have a special expertise in copyright infringement matters. Whether you’re looking to litigate or settle, we can assist you. Learn more.


Lilenfeld PC can help you decide which of your innovations should be patented. We can also guide you through the patent process. Learn more.

Patent disputes

Patent infringement issues can be quite complex. Our legal team has the technical savvy necessary to handle your dispute. Learn more.

Trade secrets

Our IP lawyers can take stock of your company’s trade secrets and help you establish a protection program. We also represent clients involved in trade secret disputes. Learn more.

Business disputes

Lilenfeld PC also handles general business disputes that touch on IP issues. As with all our services, there is a heavy emphasis placed on efficiency. Learn more.

Read about actual client issues that our team helped to resolve by visiting the sample cases page.