By: Kennington Groff

Lilenfeld PC

With production beginning again around the State of Georgia, new practices are in place to reduce the contagion of COVID-19. The Georgia Film Office is encouraging all film and television companies to establish a game plan to support the health and safety of cast and crew as production resumes. Before production commences, all personnel and vendors should become familiar with strategic measures to maintain a healthy and clean set.

The Georgia Film Office recommends the below preventive measures to be taken throughout production offices, workspaces and filming locations:

  1. Frequent handwashing and the availability of hydroalcoholic gels;
  2. Disposable face masks need to be disposed of in a closed bin;
  3. Avoid sharing items like mobile phones, work tools, computers, pens, etc.;
  4. Use digital call sheets, contracts and production reports instead of printed copies;
  5. Avoid actions that encourage physical contact such as handshakes, hugs or kisses; and
  6. Use individual and private transportation when possible, but if public or shared transportation is used, then masks should be worn by everyone and social distancing should be maintained as much as possible.

In addition to the above recommendations, the Georgia Film Office also has specific guidelines for production offices, locations, shooting locations, casting, talent, background actors, catering, craft services, transportation, wardrobe department, art department, grip department, hair and make-up, camera department, sound department, on-set communications and the organization of the shooting spaces. The Office even recommends having an Occupational Risk Prevention specialist on set that ensures all protocols and actions are complied with.

Guilds, unions, production companies and studios may have their own regulations for filming as well, but make sure to consult with your local production attorney to ensure you are following any mandates specific to your filming area.

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