Why Lilenfeld PC?

If you’re facing an intellectual property challenge, you undoubtedly have some concerns. Exorbitant legal fees, never-ending delays, and general confusion are usually at the top of the worry list.

At Lilenfeld PC, we’ve built our IP practice to address those concerns while securing the best possible outcome for our clients. Below are the three main benefits we provide that set us apart as a firm.


Above all else, our legal team is practical. We’ll determine exactly what your goals are and then work towards them as efficiently as possible. Our attorneys don’t waste time pursuing unrealistic, time-consuming legal avenues if a simpler solution is available. This allows us to keep our fees down and save clients from unnecessary headaches.

Honest communication

As a practical firm, we also make it a point to speak candidly with clients. For example, if you’re involved in an infringement dispute and the law isn’t in your favor, we’ll tell you that directly. The solution might be to settle the suit early or seek another alternative to litigation. In the end, this can help you avoid a significant waste of resources.

Our team is also forthright when discussing legal fees with clients. If you come to us with your IP matter, we’ll clearly explain all expected fees in advance. We’ll also try to advise you of any additional fees that could potentially come up in the future.

Personal attention

Our focus is always on our clients and their goals. This means that our attorneys will respond promptly to your calls and e-mails. If you’re unsure of what’s happening with your IP matter, we’ll provide a straightforward explanation in plain English.

In addition, our founder and senior partner, David Lilenfeld, makes himself available to all our clients. No matter what questions you have, we’ll make sure you get the answers you need.

If you’re looking to protect your intellectual property or resolve a dispute, please visit our practice areas page to learn more about our offerings.