Atlanta Intellectual Property Legal Solutions – Delivered Efficiently

When you need the help of an Atlanta intellectual property lawyer, you want to reach your goal as quickly as possible. You want to avoid a long, drawn-out legal process that wastes time and money. Simply put, you want efficiency.

We’ve built our entire practice around this concept. Lilenfeld PC is a boutique IP law firm based in Atlanta, and our philosophy is simple: always be moving in a straight line toward our clients’ goals.

Of course, achieving this takes world-class expertise, as well as a dedicated mindset. Lilenfeld PC brings both to the table and much more:

Stellar reputation. Peers have repeatedly recognized us as a top IP law firm in Atlanta. This means you can be confident your matter is being handled the right way. We’ve provided legal assistance to clients of all sizes, from emerging businesses to Fortune 50 companies. No small IP firm in Georgia has a stronger reputation.

A full-service IP practice. Our intellectual property lawyers handle both protecting intellectual property and IP disputes. We also have experience in a variety of industries, including sporting goods, technology, 3D printing, and professional services.

Access to senior partner. At Lilenfeld PC, we work as a team. This means that our senior partner, David Lilenfeld, makes himself accessible to all our clients.

Personal attention. We’ll respond to your calls and e-mails promptly. And when we do, you’ll get a clear, straightforward answer to your questions.

Transparent pricing. We’ll detail all expected legal fees up-front. Our firm isn’t in the business of charging hidden fees.

Boutique firm advantages. Because our team is small and centralized, we’re able to make decisions quickly. This allows us to adjust our litigation strategy in hours (instead of days), avoiding delays and wasted expense.

To learn more about Lilenfeld PC and how our intellectual property lawyers can help with trademark, copyright, patent, and trade secret law please get in touch at (404) 201-2520. We would be happy to speak with you. Or, just fill out a quick contact form.